Have you ever wondered how the fudge Shopee (or any other online shopping platforms) knows what exactly you are looking for every time you open their app?

If you open your app, you will notice the Daily Discover tab. This is specifically designed or recommended for each user based on…

In this article, I’m going to share with you my personal experience and thoughts on utilizing both a notebook and a desktop IDE. Also, please excuse my little to none knowledge in python programming.

Being a fanatic that I am, I created a mini quiz about Greek Mythology using Google…

This is Ame’s first baby steps in her GitHub journey.

So I made a new repository with the title Git-Your-Hub-Rolling

This is the step by step on how you will enter into your github and upload files

First is to clone your git by typing:

git<space>clone<space>Repository URL

Then enter to…

Raine Cat

Licensed Electronics Engineer | Aspiring Data Scientist | a little bit stuck in the MiddlE | the name is an oxymoron

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